FHT Hubs are centers of excellence where we have built expertise over time with special focus on a defined area of digital transformation roadmap. Currently, at FHT, we offer best in class services and solutions for the following

Robotic Process Automation
Development Operations
Production Support Operations

Digital Transformation with Farmhouse Technology

As the Web 2.0 and social media experience becomes the de facto standard for customer communication, it is equally important for companies to revisit their digital presence, harness the power of their data and interactions with ecosystem, and provide a seamless omni-channel experience to all of their stakeholders – and not just external customers.

We, at FHT, can help organizations understand the required necessary transformation and define and implement the atomic steps that could act as impactful drivers to business growth. As part of our holistic approach, we not only stack the changes required, but also provide proven “accelerators” that we have built at FHT to move the needle. Our consultants are industry subject matter experts, with decades of experience, and can partner along with you in the transformation journey

Operational Excellence
Innovation Solutions
Quality in Delivery

Key Areas of Operations


Business Solutions

Cloud Engineering


Design & Experience



Talent Cloud

Need a Consultation?

Give us a call or drop by anytime. Our endeavour is to help our esteemed clients to succeed using our top notch services.

Our Approach to Impactful Transformation

At FHT, we holistically and objectively approach the digital transformation journey for our clients by

  • Brainstorming, defining, implementing and managing the series of atomic changes to Client’s Business Operations.
  • Deeper and insightful understanding of current and potential customers interactions with Client’s existing Business/Product/Industry.
  • Making organization leaner through robotic process automation.
  • Enabling structured recording of all types of data for further analysis and automation.

FHT Consulting

FHT Partners are outstanding leaders with proven credentials who understands the complex organizational culture and work with your leadership to chalk out the digital transformation journey. With expertise in both national and international markets, our Partners are known for the quality of their engagement and knowledge depth.

Our consulting engagements drive real impact to our clients with actionable insights and implementation roadmap.

At FHT, we take pride in strong Technology leadership of our Partners and multi-industry experience they bring to the table.

Some of the key focus areas at FHT consulting are

  • Business process automation through RPA.
  • Cloud Enablement for bottom line and agility.
  • KPO enabling of non-Core business elements.
  • Effective Customer reach.
  • Vertical integration of supply chain for efficiencies.

Industry Accelerators

At FHT, we see our Clients as Partners and our Digital transformation program covers all aspect transformation canvas.

  • Talent & Knowledge Improvement
  • Client’s Business Processes
  • Client’s Product/Platforms & Industry governance

  • Sharing FHT White papers on specific industry research and trends
  • Digital presence review and gap sheet Managed web 2.0 and social media services Enable feedback loop from Customer
  • Smart & dynamic pricing models extended value delivery artifacts through customer data

  • Augmenting Client’s Talent for Engineering and Operations needs
  • Enterprise IT framework and models Development operations (Devops) tools and utilities Lean delivery models and agility toolsets
  • Cloud Infra migration support model COTS products leverage

  • Augmenting Client’s Talent for Engineering and Operations needs
  • Ready to go artifacts and tool sets for Robotic Process Automation Managed KPO Services for non-Core Business elements
  • Sharing Industry “best practices” models Business process compliance checklist