Who We Are?

All About Farmhouse Technology

FHT was founded with the vision of helping business grow using Digital Transformation, CRMs like Bitrix24 & Salesforce.

We do this by driving automation and process management using Salesforce and or Bitrix24 Technology thereby improving and implementing integrated CRM, Sales and Marketing processes. Our mature team comprises of IT professionals (Technology and DevOps), Business process consultants and CRM enthusiasts.

FHT continues to grow every day, thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many industries such as financial, energy, business services, consumer products.

Our Business Principles

  • Attract and retain smart employees; they will take care of Customers
  • Hone sharp thought leadership skills in our employees to provide deep value to our customers
  • Don’t spend on things that don’t make sense
  • Automate everything that is automatable
  • Be a partner to our clients – there is more to a project than just delivery

Our Core Values

Continuous Improvements

We will always seek to achieve continual and incremental value in our service deliverables.

Operational Excellence

For all customer deliverables, we will plan for highest level of process efficiency.

Innovation Solutions

We aspire to provide Solutions that would enable our customers to march ahead of competition.

Quality in Delivery

Everything we do reflects on all of us – it is a matter of personal pride.

Integrity & Transparency

We will strive to build the epitome of trust in all our client partnerships.

Challenging Team

You can’t build good software without emotion – you have to care.

Customer Focus

If it helps ship product that delights customers, it’s good. If not, it needs a relook.

Our Culture

Do the right thing. A responsible, caring organization attracts responsible, caring people.